FlexSpaces General Features (FlexSpaces+Browser, FlexSpaces+AIR, FlexSpaces Mobile, FlexSpaces portlets)

  • Tree and folder (with icon and details view modes)
  • Thumbnail and Coverflow views (3.0 only)
  • Dual repository folders with drag /drop between
  • Dockable toolbar and dockable icon toolbar.
  • Properties dialog for viewing / editing properties, Rename dialog.
  • Checkin, checkout, cancel checkout, make versionable
  • Upload (multiple selction), Download dialogs.
  • Create Space dialog with optional choice of template and choosing icon.
  • Create content dialogs: xml, text, html (tinyMCE)
  • Edit (checkout+download), Update Exisitng
  • Cut / Copy / Paste, Delete (multiple selection)
  • Multiple selection when drag/dropping between repo folders
  • Multiple selection when cut/copy/pasting between repo folders.
  • Make PDF version of a document (multiple selection)
  • Make Flash Preview (multiple selection)
  • Previewing and Viewing files in multiple built-in tabs
  • Start Workflow dialog, task dashboard tab with task list, task attachments list (with full menu, context menu support), adhoc done, approve, reject buttons
  • WCM features: WCM  tab with tree / folder pane(s) navigate / work with files and folders in AVM stores, , and supports drag/drop between dual folder views. Upload, create folders, content creation dialogs (html, xml, text), delete.
  • Tag Cloud and Category tree search navigation
  • Tags/Categories dialog to view/edit tagging and categorization
  • Semantic auto-tagging, tag suggestion, and geo-tag display on Google map
  • Advanced search (all web client features except for save search, custom attribute config)
  • XML configuration of context and main menus
  • Main menu and context menu enable/disable based on permissions
  • Supports Alfresco 2.1-3.x (enterprise and community/labs)
  • Support for Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES

Additional AIR features (FlexSpaces+AIR, FlexSpaces Mobile AIR)

  • Native drag / drop of files from OS folders (with multiple selection) into AIR app repo folders
  • Native copy and paste of files (with multiple selection) from OS folders into the AIR app repository folders
  • WCM: native drag/drop/copy/paste of desktop files into AVM stores is supported in the WCM tab.
  • Bult-in local files tree/folder browser view with drag/drop support with the repository folders.
  • Making files / folders available offline (with multple selection), Single select update from offline edit.

Alfresco Share Integration support:

  • FlexibleShare combines FlexSpaces UI in dashboard with additional Flex UI for Alfresco Share backend (sites, doc libraries, blogs, wiki, discussions, calendar)
Portal Integration:
  • FlexSpaces Liferay Portal portlet available
  • FlexSpaces JBoss Portal portlet and GateIn portlets available

Development features:
  • Adobe Flex 4.6 and ActionScript based client applications/frameworks/libraries
  • Support for Apache Flex planned
  • Support for browser based Flex, desktop Flex+AIR, and Flex+AIR mobile development
  • Port to HTML5 also planned
  • Adobe AIR versions take full advantage of AIR features: native drag /drop, native clipboard, offline file support.
  • Adobe Flash Builder and other IDEs can be used
  • Application UI components use Presentation Model pattern, Spring ActionScript DI, and Cairngorm (moving from Cairngorm to Spring ActionScript planned)
  • Supports REST XML webscripts (REST JSON webscripts planned, BlazeDS planned)
  • Both open source LGPL and commerical license versions available.